Erosion & Sediment Control

It is in violation of County regulations to allow harmful amounts of silt or other materials as defined by the Missouri State Operating Permit to enter a road ditch, gutter, storm sewer, stream, drainage way, drainage easement, or cross a property line. County regulations require erosion and sediment control on all development projects.

The primary objective on small projects (land disturbances LESS than one acre) is perimeter control by using Best Management Practices (BMPs) to prevent erosion and minimize sediment from leaving the site.

The information flyer "The Erosion and Sediment Control Standards (PDF) for Building Construction that Disturbs Less Than One Acre for Unincorporated Are of Clay County" was developed to help provide guidance for single-family lot construction and other small projects disturbing LESS than one acre.

Land Disturbance of Less Than 1 Acre in Conjunction with Utility Work

If a utility company or contractor knows their project work combined will disturb 1 or more acres in a given year, they may submit a "Utility General Annual Land Disturbance Permit (PDF)" form to the Clay County Planning and Zoning Department. This form can provide a Land Disturbance Permit ("LDP") for all disturbance work that is expected throughout the year without having to apply for an individual LDP for each project.

Please Email Planning and Zoning Department or call 816-407-3380 to schedule a pre-application meeting so that professional planning staff may go over the general procedure for land disturbance activities of 1 or more acres in conjunction with utility work.

Land Disturbance of 1 or More Acres