Planning & Zoning Department


Our mission is to protect and promote the health, safety, and general welfare of our citizens through the implementation of sustainable land use and planning principles, sound administration of the Comprehensive Plan, and enforcement of the Clay County Land Development Code and Building Codes

The Clay County Planning and Zoning Department has home rule jurisdiction or control over only the unincorporated areas of the County, or those areas outside of city limits. If you live within an incorporated city, you will need to contact your city regarding any planning and zoning matters as only they have control inside their city boundaries.

The Clay County Planning and Zoning Department administers and oversees all aspects of planning, development, and construction activities on land. Rezonings, Subdivisions, Conditional Use Permits (CUPS), Building Permits, Floodplain Development Permits (FDP), and various other activities are all handled by the Planning and Zoning Department.

The Board of Zoning Adjustments will be meeting at 5:30 on September 26, in the Commission Room 3rd floor at 1 Courthouse Square, Liberty, MO 64068