Senior Citizen Services Board

The Senior Citizens Services Board's mission is to support and value the well-being of our senior adults by serving as the resource delivery agency and by providing a broad range of services to promote wellness-physical, emotional, and intellectual. The Board of Directors and staff will accomplish this through responsible management, advocacy, and collaboration, thereby improving the quality of life of our seniors.

The administrative control and management of the funds in the Senior Citizens' Services Fund and all programs to be funded there from shall rest solely with the Board of Directors. The Board of Directors shall use the funds in the Senior Citizens' Services Fund to provide programs that will improve the health, nutrition, and quality of life of persons who are sixty years of age or older.

The Clay County Commission appoints a seven-member Board of Directors which serves a 4-year term. The Clay County Commission must also approve the fund budget prepared and presented by the appointed Board of Directors.

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Clay County Senior Services Website