• One of a Kind...

    One of a Kind...

    Clay County is a premier place to live, work, and play.  We have the thrill of urban development and the comfort of cozy neighborhoods... all surrounded by natural beauty!  At the government level, we strive to supplement our citizens’ experience by doing the core things extraordinarily well.  We deliver safe, smooth roadways outside of city limits; offer a network of parks, recreation, and historic sites; and we are committed to public safety, family-friendly events and public outreach. Our employees are here for you! 

  • Welcome to Clay County

    Welcome to Clay County

    If you are new to the area, just visiting or have lived here forever and are wondering what may be new or exciting... we invite you to head over to www.visitclaymo.com to look through our visitor's guide, check out all there is to see, do and eat! There is something for everyone. Find ideas for romantic getaways, fun things to do with your kiddos or plan a night out with your favorite people. It's all in Clay!

  • Wander Back in Time...

    Wander Back in Time...

    Join us at one of Clay County's many historic sites. Spend an afternoon with Jesse James, go back in time to a one-room schoolhouse or visit the oldest continuously occupied home turned museum in Clay County! You can even plan your wedding at Historic Mt. Gilead Church built in 1833. Plan your adventure back in time... just stop by the Historic Sites and Museums section of our new tourism website then get out there and explore!

  • 27 Miles of Trails...      Come Hike the Lake!

    27 Miles of Trails... Come Hike the Lake!

    Smithville lake will be nothing short of spectacular this fall! The beautiful trees and sparkling lake can be the backdrop of your next family outing. Come explore our trails on foot, bike or horseback. Walk the amazing shoreline or camp fireside. Smithville Lake is waiting for you!

  • Christmas Tree Drop

    Christmas Tree Drop

    Smithville Lake is hosting its Annual Christmas Tree Drop! Starting December 26th and running through January 31st you can drop your family’s Christmas Tree off for free. Your trees are used to support our lake’s ecosystem, provide habitats for fish and small animals and used for mulch at various locations throughout the park. Trees must be free of ornaments, tinsel, and tree bags. Little Platte Park is on the west side of the lake and can be accessed by following US 169 north to NE 180th; then east into Little Platte Park.

  • Eagle Days at the Lake!

    Eagle Days at the Lake!

    The 24th annual Smithville Lake Eagle Days will provide visitors a chance to see magestic eagles and waterfoul outdoors, and nature exhibits and live raptors indoors. Join us January 5th & 6th at Paradise Point Golf Course for family fun and then get outdoors to see some of our most amazing Clay County residents! 

On Friday, November 30, the Honorable Larry D. Harmon was celebrated for 26 years of service to the Clay County Circuit Court.
The Clay County Commission voted to authorize the sale of Certificates of Participation to fund improvement projects across the county with no tax increase.
During the Clay County Commission Meeting on September 10th, Eastern Commissioner Luann Ridgeway proposed freezing the county tax rates for 2018 at the current 2017 levels.
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Blizzard Survival at It's Best!


The entire metro area is doing its best to defrost after the snowiest November storm in decades. Keeping up with the weather has been no small task, and we owe a massive THANK YOU to all county staff that put in extra work to keep us safe:

Our 20-member Highway crew is responsible for 800 lane miles of roadway. The Highway Department placed 630 tons of salt and sand on county roads on Sunday and Monday, and combined for over 350 hours worked. Our team will continue to work on problem areas until temperatures rise. 

We also want to thank the Facilities Department for keeping the pathways to the Administration Building safe and clear. Thanks to them, the Administration Building was able to maintain normal business hours on both Monday and Tuesday, despite the historically snowy conditions.

Thank you, Clay County, for all of the support over the weekend. We are lucky to have a staff that is committed to public service and safety, and encouraged by the kind emails and social media comments.

Reminder from the Highway Department: if you ever find yourself behind a snow plow, stay at least four car lengths behind and don’t try to pass!  (See, always looking out for us...)

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We invite you to come explore all there is to see, do and enjoy! From our rich history to family fun or a unique date night, Clay County offers you so many options. Not sure what to do first? Head over to www.visitclaymo.com to help plan your day.

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Clay County Careers

Positions available for those with experience in maintenance, road work, marinas, law enforcement, landscape horticulture, help desk, airport specialist, customer service, golf technicians and more!

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Visit Our Parks & Historic Sites! 

Our vision is to provide Clay County citizens and all visitors a higher quality of life. We strive to provide our visitors with opportunities to explore every interest, hobby and educational program that we have available. We encourage you to come out and explore our parks, historic sites and participate in our programs throughout the year.